About Danny

In my main vocation as a singer/actor I have appeared on TV and in films all over the world. During my travels I have been privileged to work in some of the most exotic places on the planet. This has given me the opportunity to explore my love of photography. It may be a stunning landscape, a breathtaking sunset, or it may be just a local character that catches my eye; I just love to record it on film....or these days on a memory card.

With my wife Yvonne being an award winning gardener, I also enjoy taking photo's of flowers, and I specialise in digitising many of them; making them into something more abstract, with some blazing colour combinations.

I also love nature and have a great passion for Wildlife and Bugs; with the latter I get up Close and Personal and go Macro. Also I find it a great joy to do portraits of people, pets and even Aliens (I recently got one of a Snowman Dalek).

For the technically minded for all of my photo's, I use now a full frame Canon 6D Mk 2 . My lenses are a Canon 16 - 35 f4 L IS wide angle, Canon 24 - 105L IS, Canon 70-200L IS 2.8 . A Sigma 105mm f2.8 OS Macro . I have a set of Cokin Z Pro Filters. Lastly, just to be flash ... I have a Canon 580EX, a Gary Fong Whaletail Diffuser and a Ray Flash Ring Flash.

All of my pictures are available for purchase.